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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Savings for the week May 9th to May 15th 2010

This week I spent more than I should have due to big priced items I got that will last me the rest of the month plus I got air filters which need replacement and some lawn care items at Lowe's on Sat. morning.
I also splurged and got some Ice Cream at Marble Slab using a B1G1 coupon I got thru my email for signing up for their Birthday Club.  I also got Rafi a Toy Story book and Woody Stuffed Doll from Kohl's.  All proceeds go to Charity so I felt good getting these.  Plus they are so cute.  Next week I will get the Dinosaur, Buzz, and the Toy Story 2 book.  I also got some bible story books for Rafi for $1.99 each and a Veggie Tales Silly Song Countdown DVD (we LOVE Veggie Tales and LOVE even more the Silly Songs!!) for $5 at Lifeway Christian store.  The best shopping trip I had was on Friday when I went to CVS.

  • CVS:  Friday trip I got 3 bags of M&M's, one small bag of Pretzel M&M's, Pull Ups Training Pants, 3 2L bottles of Coke Zero, a bottle of CVS Shampoo Kiwi Scent, and a pack of Mentos Gum.  After coupons, sales and ECB's earned from previous visits I spent $2.44 out of pocket and Saved $31.84.  On my other trips I got some Always and Carefree liners Free after sale of $1 each and coupons for $1 off each.  I got 3 more bottles of CVS brand Shampoo or Conditioner.  I got Kiwi Scent and Coastal Rain Scent.  I also got some Mentos Gum and another pack of Pull Ups.  I also picked up my Free prints and Free Magnet I ordered about two weeks ago.  Total spent out of pocket was $7.12 and according to the receipts saved $27.91 not counting the Free prints and Free magnet.  I also earned some new ECB's. 
  • Pet Smart: I got a bag of Cat food for $29.99 and used a $5 off coupon from Science Diet.  Total spent $26.94.  
  • Publix: I got some Special K Granola (the hubby loves it!), Lays Kettle Cook using B1G1 coupon I got from Facebook, Mentos Gum, Gatorade, Mt Dew new flavors, Animal Crackers Free after Publix coupon from Baby Club, Baby food Beech Nut Jars on sale B1G1, Produce, Milk, . . . the usual, and some Oscar Mayer Deli Meat which was Free when I bought Kraft American Sliced Cheese.  I spent $33.51 and according to receipts saved $51.89.
  • Target: I got a Latte for $2 after a Target coupon which printed at the register on a previous visit, Turkey Bacon, Vitamin Water, Schick Razors which earned me a $5 Gift Card, Scrubbing Bubbles deal with coupons which earned me a $5 Gift Card, French's Dipping Sauce, Cottonelle wipes, and some Yogurt Drinks for Rafi.  After sales and coupons I saved $80.57 and spent $34.57 and used a $10 gift Card and a $5 Gift Card I had earned on previous visits.  Out of pocket I spent $19.75
  • BJ's: I got the big ticket items here.  I got the Air Filters, some bars of soap, I got Rafi a two pair pack of PJ's with Lego Star Wars in it (his uncle will LOVE these!!), Milk, Granola Bars, and deodorant spray.  I spent $56.97 and saved from coupons used $4.50. 

    Even though I spent more than I normally do or would care to spend, I can make it up easily as many of the items are items that will last for a good while.
    I am looking forward to a new week of great savings.
    Rafi is sick today so I don't think we will be going to the stores much this week so he can rest.  I will post what we do get.

    Thanks for reading.
    Happy Savings!!

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