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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Savings for the week May 17th to May 22nd 2010

Here is a summary of my shopping trips this week.  Rafi and I were both sick so we didn't go out much.  We did get some groceries and some potty training supplies. 
I had an off week this week.  We were both sick and I lost some of my receipts (not sure how but I can't find them!).  
  • Publix:  Anyway, I did get some great savings at Publix on Monday.  Those receipts I lost, but my best buy was some John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo and Conditioners which after Publix coupon and Manufacturer coupon I got for $0.99 each bottle.  I also got M&M's Pretzel Large bags at B1G1 plus I had a coupon for B2G1 Free which made 4 bags for the price of 1.  I LOVE those new M&M's so I got 8 bags total.  I wanted to get more but they did work on my street earlier in the week and I was unable to back out of my driveway for two days which made me miss the sale which ended Wednesday.  I was also able to get some Red Baron Pizza for $1.50 each after sale and coupons.  On Friday I got some more Pizzas as they extended the sale.  I also got a good deal on Cottonelle Toilet Paper.  The 12 roll was on sale for $6.49 and I had a Target coupon (which they accept as competitor) and a manufacturer coupon which made them $4.49 each.  I got some more John Frieda Hair Styling and Shampoo and Conditioner products for $0.99 after coupons.  I got some other groceries too.  On Friday I spent $17.87 and saved $54.60.  The guy who bagged my groceries was shocked.  The cashier and I gave him some pointers on where to find good coupons online.  :o) 
  • Babies R Us:  We are potty training so I went and got some Potty training supplies.  I got a pair of Training pants with plastic on the outside from Gerber.  I also got a stepping stool and an extra potty seat adapter for our toilets at home (I have three bathrooms so I needed to get at least two adapters to have one upstairs and one downstairs).  I spent, after sales and coupons, $23.84 and saved $8.60.  Not bad for Babies R Us. 
  • Target:  I got some Kandoo Flushable Toddler Wipes for $0.65 after a $1 off coupon, I got a box of Kleenex Towels for the bathroom for $0.99 after a Target coupon and a Manufacturer coupon, I also got some Stonefield Organic baby Yogurt Drinks and some other small things.  After coupons and sales, I spent $10.04 and saved $4.55.  Not my greatest Target trip but every little bit helps!!
  • Victoria's Secret:  They had a coupon from Facebook for a free pair of underwear with any purchase.  I got 3 antibacterial gels for $5.  After the sale of the gels and the free underwear, I spent $5.33 and saved $13.99.
  • Barnes and Nobles cafe:  They had a coupon for B1G1 Free Frappuccino.  I went on Thursday and Friday.  The coupon expires on Monday so I plan on going again.  I got the Venti sized and LOVED the Chai Tea one.  I got three of those and one Mocha one.  After the coupon and my membership card, I spent $8.62 and saved $9.90.
  • Lowe's:  We are having a HUGE problem with a Deer who keeps eating my rose bush before they get a chance to bloom.  Today I went to Lowe's and got a bottle of Deer and Rabbit repellent spray.  It was at least on sale for $13.97 so I saved about $5 on it.  
 I really wish I had the other Publix receipts from Monday so I can show you how much I truly saved this week.  If I do end up finding them I will write an update to this post. 
Thanks for reading.

Happy Savings!!

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