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Friday, May 28, 2010

Parent Tips of the Day

Here are today's tips.  Most of the tips I post I get from Parents magazine or from other parents who have shared with me. 
  • Cure Binkie attachment:  So that your child can keep his or her binkies and keep them off their mouth, you can go to Build a Bear Workshop and get them a stuffed animal.  Before they sew it together, place one binkie on each of the paws.  This way your child will keep the binkies with him or her at all times but not in their mouth!!  
  • Home made hair detangler:  In a spray bottle, mix a little conditioner with water.  You can use this as a hair detangler and save some money. 
  • Make Memory games shorter:  Divide a Memory Game into several plastic bags to make the game shorter for little active toddlers.  I know this will be a great help in our house.  Rafi is a super active boy!!
Feel free to share your own tips with us by leaving comments on this post.

Enjoy and have a Great Memorial Day weekend!!

Free Photo Products (only pay shipping!)

Thanks Freebies 4 Mom and I Heart Saving Money for the post on these two deals.
Freebies 4 Mom is going thru an upgrade, so her website is down for the weekend.  It should be up and running on Tuesday.  I will post the new link to her site once it is up.  
Happy Memorial Day weekend!!

    Sunday, May 23, 2010

    Huggies Little Swimmers Products Savings at Target

    There is a Target coupons for each Little Swimmers Pants and Little Swimmers Suncare products HERE.  Thanks Southern Savers for these coupons.  They are available to print as many times as you need.
    Also, has a coupon for the Little Swimmers Pants too.  At Target, you can stack Manufacturer and Store coupons for major savings.  So if you need SunCare products for you baby, head on over to Target and get a great deal on these products.  If you didn't know, you can print out coupons thru and earn points for every printed and redeemed coupon plus you get bonus points for redeeming 10 coupons every month. 

    Enjoy the savings!!

    Saturday, May 22, 2010

    Toilet Paper Deal - TODAY ONLY Sat. May 22nd

    Thanks I Heart Publix, Money Saving Mom, Bargain Divas, I Heart Saving Money, and any other blogs out there who posted about this awesome deal!!

    TODAY ONLY, you can order 120 rolls of Marcal Bath Tissue for $16 shipped to your home from

    Go to their site, click on Deal of the Day banner.  Then click on Order Now.  Then click on Add one to Cart.  Then go to Order by catalog #.  Enter 593805-v6 and order one.  Then adjust the number of cases you want to order.  Order 5 and you get Free Shipping to your home.  During checkout the price will adjust from $4.99 each case of 24 rolls to $2.99.  Shipping will be Free and you will pay about $16 total after tax.  What a Deal!!??  

    Hurry.  This is only good TODAY!!  Stock up!!  

    Happy Savings!!

    Savings for the week May 17th to May 22nd 2010

    Here is a summary of my shopping trips this week.  Rafi and I were both sick so we didn't go out much.  We did get some groceries and some potty training supplies. 
    I had an off week this week.  We were both sick and I lost some of my receipts (not sure how but I can't find them!).  
    • Publix:  Anyway, I did get some great savings at Publix on Monday.  Those receipts I lost, but my best buy was some John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo and Conditioners which after Publix coupon and Manufacturer coupon I got for $0.99 each bottle.  I also got M&M's Pretzel Large bags at B1G1 plus I had a coupon for B2G1 Free which made 4 bags for the price of 1.  I LOVE those new M&M's so I got 8 bags total.  I wanted to get more but they did work on my street earlier in the week and I was unable to back out of my driveway for two days which made me miss the sale which ended Wednesday.  I was also able to get some Red Baron Pizza for $1.50 each after sale and coupons.  On Friday I got some more Pizzas as they extended the sale.  I also got a good deal on Cottonelle Toilet Paper.  The 12 roll was on sale for $6.49 and I had a Target coupon (which they accept as competitor) and a manufacturer coupon which made them $4.49 each.  I got some more John Frieda Hair Styling and Shampoo and Conditioner products for $0.99 after coupons.  I got some other groceries too.  On Friday I spent $17.87 and saved $54.60.  The guy who bagged my groceries was shocked.  The cashier and I gave him some pointers on where to find good coupons online.  :o) 
    • Babies R Us:  We are potty training so I went and got some Potty training supplies.  I got a pair of Training pants with plastic on the outside from Gerber.  I also got a stepping stool and an extra potty seat adapter for our toilets at home (I have three bathrooms so I needed to get at least two adapters to have one upstairs and one downstairs).  I spent, after sales and coupons, $23.84 and saved $8.60.  Not bad for Babies R Us. 
    • Target:  I got some Kandoo Flushable Toddler Wipes for $0.65 after a $1 off coupon, I got a box of Kleenex Towels for the bathroom for $0.99 after a Target coupon and a Manufacturer coupon, I also got some Stonefield Organic baby Yogurt Drinks and some other small things.  After coupons and sales, I spent $10.04 and saved $4.55.  Not my greatest Target trip but every little bit helps!!
    • Victoria's Secret:  They had a coupon from Facebook for a free pair of underwear with any purchase.  I got 3 antibacterial gels for $5.  After the sale of the gels and the free underwear, I spent $5.33 and saved $13.99.
    • Barnes and Nobles cafe:  They had a coupon for B1G1 Free Frappuccino.  I went on Thursday and Friday.  The coupon expires on Monday so I plan on going again.  I got the Venti sized and LOVED the Chai Tea one.  I got three of those and one Mocha one.  After the coupon and my membership card, I spent $8.62 and saved $9.90.
    • Lowe's:  We are having a HUGE problem with a Deer who keeps eating my rose bush before they get a chance to bloom.  Today I went to Lowe's and got a bottle of Deer and Rabbit repellent spray.  It was at least on sale for $13.97 so I saved about $5 on it.  
     I really wish I had the other Publix receipts from Monday so I can show you how much I truly saved this week.  If I do end up finding them I will write an update to this post. 
    Thanks for reading.

    Happy Savings!!

    Freebies in My Mailbox May 17th to 22nd

    Not many free samples this week in my mailbox.  Kind of a bummer week, but every little something is nice!
    Here is what I did get this week.
    • Mon.:  Aveeno Shampoo and Conditioner thru Facebook
    • Tues.:  Kraft Summer Sampler thru Facebook.  This one had lots of cool stuff in it plus coupons for free full size products.
    • Wed.: Nothing
    • Thurs.Nothing
    • Fri.: Nothing
    • Sat. Nothing
    Told you it was an empty week!!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

    Friday, May 21, 2010

    Reserve a Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Chick Fil A

    Reserve your FREE Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Chick Fil A  between May 31st and June 5th.  Enter your City and State or Zip Code to find the store near you.  It will say how many Free sandwiches (reservations) are still available.  Click on Choose Date and then you can pick a Date and Time slot.  The time slots are 11am to 2pm, 2pm to 5pm, and 5pm to 8pm.  A confirmation email will be sent to you.  You need to print it out and take it with you along with your ID to get your Free sandwich on the date you chose.  Do it quickly as they will go FAST!! 

    Thanks Freebies 4 Mom , Money Saving Mom , and any other bloggers out there who posted about this. 


    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    Free Music Download - The Biggest Loser Workout Playlist

    Go HERE and click at the bottom where it says Download It Free.  You can also follow Shay's journey as she continues to lose weight before the Biggest Loser Season 9 Finale which airs on Tuesday May 25th (this coming Tuesday!) on NBC at 8pm to 10pm.  I have my DVR ready to go.
    If you follow the show, don't forget to vote for the Third finalist between Koli and Daris.  Click HERE to vote for your favorite.  You can vote up to Ten Times online.  You can also vote via text message (rates due apply!) and by toll free phone call.
    My Favorite is Koli.  I love both Koli and Sam.  I have been cheering them on all season long.    
    Who is your favorite from the Final Four? 
    Leave a comment and let me know.  :o)

    Vote for Rafi Update

    Rafi's photo finished no. 1757.  Thank you to all who voted for his photo.

    Here is a link to see the photos

    I will keep you posted when I enter him in the next Contest.


    Pull Ups Giveaway on Twitter

    Northern Cheapskate was picked as the new Pull Ups Ambassador.  You can follow her blog and follow her on Twitter.  To be eligible to win, you need to leave a Tweet on PullUpsBigKid on Twitter and answer the following question.  How do you Reward your Big Kid for using the Potty?
    Make sure and answer by 5pm CT today May 20th for a chance to win. 

    Thanks Freebies for Mom for this giveaway!

    Good Luck!!

    Parenting Tips of the Day

    Three more tips for you to read and share with others.  Feel free to add tips by commenting on this post.
    • Window Valance: Some parents don't like to use the crib bumpers that come with the Bedding set.  Instead of tossing them out, turn them into a Window Valance.  
    • Picture Luggage Tag:  If you child misses his or her favorite toy or stuffed animal or even blanket, you can take a picture and insert it in a luggage tag.  Attach the luggage tag to their backpack so they can take it with them wherever they go.  
    • Cold Beverage Solution:  Use a hot beverage sleeve on kids cups to keep cold drinks from feeling uncomfortable on little hands. 
    Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for more tips.

    Some Deals I found today

    While browsing my email I found some good deals.
    • Free Tumbler from New England Coffee.  Thanks I Heart Publix  New England Coffee is usually on sale at Publix B1G1 so keep an eye out.  You can request up to 4 per address. 
    • Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste at Target for 0.12 cents after coupons.  Thanks Bargain Divas and Money Saving Mom
    • If you have a Krogers near by (we don't here in FL!), here is a great deal on Huggies Diapers and Little Swimmers.  Thanks Money Saving Mom
    • Green Works Detergent with coupons. Thanks Freebies 4 Mom
    • Barnes and Noble B1G1 Free Frappuccinos with coupons.  Thanks Money Saving Mom and Freebies for Mom
    • Free Revlon Creme Gloss at Walgreens after coupons.  Thanks Money Saving Mom
    • Off Clip On Insect Repellent 2 for $2.99 at Walgreens with coupons.  Thanks Bargain Divas
    These are some of my favorite deals I saw so far this week.
    Check out their sites for other awesome deals. 
    If you find any other great deals feel free to add them to the comments on this post.

    Happy Savings!!

    Saturday, May 15, 2010

    Savings for the week May 9th to May 15th 2010

    This week I spent more than I should have due to big priced items I got that will last me the rest of the month plus I got air filters which need replacement and some lawn care items at Lowe's on Sat. morning.
    I also splurged and got some Ice Cream at Marble Slab using a B1G1 coupon I got thru my email for signing up for their Birthday Club.  I also got Rafi a Toy Story book and Woody Stuffed Doll from Kohl's.  All proceeds go to Charity so I felt good getting these.  Plus they are so cute.  Next week I will get the Dinosaur, Buzz, and the Toy Story 2 book.  I also got some bible story books for Rafi for $1.99 each and a Veggie Tales Silly Song Countdown DVD (we LOVE Veggie Tales and LOVE even more the Silly Songs!!) for $5 at Lifeway Christian store.  The best shopping trip I had was on Friday when I went to CVS.

    • CVS:  Friday trip I got 3 bags of M&M's, one small bag of Pretzel M&M's, Pull Ups Training Pants, 3 2L bottles of Coke Zero, a bottle of CVS Shampoo Kiwi Scent, and a pack of Mentos Gum.  After coupons, sales and ECB's earned from previous visits I spent $2.44 out of pocket and Saved $31.84.  On my other trips I got some Always and Carefree liners Free after sale of $1 each and coupons for $1 off each.  I got 3 more bottles of CVS brand Shampoo or Conditioner.  I got Kiwi Scent and Coastal Rain Scent.  I also got some Mentos Gum and another pack of Pull Ups.  I also picked up my Free prints and Free Magnet I ordered about two weeks ago.  Total spent out of pocket was $7.12 and according to the receipts saved $27.91 not counting the Free prints and Free magnet.  I also earned some new ECB's. 
    • Pet Smart: I got a bag of Cat food for $29.99 and used a $5 off coupon from Science Diet.  Total spent $26.94.  
    • Publix: I got some Special K Granola (the hubby loves it!), Lays Kettle Cook using B1G1 coupon I got from Facebook, Mentos Gum, Gatorade, Mt Dew new flavors, Animal Crackers Free after Publix coupon from Baby Club, Baby food Beech Nut Jars on sale B1G1, Produce, Milk, . . . the usual, and some Oscar Mayer Deli Meat which was Free when I bought Kraft American Sliced Cheese.  I spent $33.51 and according to receipts saved $51.89.
    • Target: I got a Latte for $2 after a Target coupon which printed at the register on a previous visit, Turkey Bacon, Vitamin Water, Schick Razors which earned me a $5 Gift Card, Scrubbing Bubbles deal with coupons which earned me a $5 Gift Card, French's Dipping Sauce, Cottonelle wipes, and some Yogurt Drinks for Rafi.  After sales and coupons I saved $80.57 and spent $34.57 and used a $10 gift Card and a $5 Gift Card I had earned on previous visits.  Out of pocket I spent $19.75
    • BJ's: I got the big ticket items here.  I got the Air Filters, some bars of soap, I got Rafi a two pair pack of PJ's with Lego Star Wars in it (his uncle will LOVE these!!), Milk, Granola Bars, and deodorant spray.  I spent $56.97 and saved from coupons used $4.50. 

      Even though I spent more than I normally do or would care to spend, I can make it up easily as many of the items are items that will last for a good while.
      I am looking forward to a new week of great savings.
      Rafi is sick today so I don't think we will be going to the stores much this week so he can rest.  I will post what we do get.

      Thanks for reading.
      Happy Savings!!

        Space Shuttle Atlantis Last Flight

        Most of you know that I live in Orlando, FL.  From my home we can see the Space Shuttle take off into space.  All you can really see is a red fiery looking thing flying up into the sky, but it is still pretty cool.  Anyway, here are some photos I took from my home. 
        The last photo is from NASA.  Just wanted to give you an up close photo so you can compare.  We are very proud of the Space Shuttle Program as both family and friends work on the shuttle launches.   


        Freebies in my Mailbox week of May 9th to May 15th

        I will be doing a weekly post on all the Free samples and such I get in my Mailbox.  This week I got plenty of good ones.  If you want to request one let me know.  If it is still available I will be happy to post the link to where you can request your free sample.

        • Mon.: Pantene shampoo and conditioner for Color Treated hair thru Facebook, U by kotex sampler from Walmart, and a Rebate Check.
        • Tues.: P&G Sampler which included Pantene shampoo and Conditioner for Curly hair, Metamucil Pink Lemonade, and Cascade dishwasher tablets from Sam's Club
        • Wed.: I got a Rebate Check
        • Thurs.: Suave shampoo from Target, John Frieda Root Awakening shampoo, conditioner, and smoothing lotion from Walmart, and Eucerin Body Lotion with SPF and Face Lotion with SPF from Walmart
        • Fri.:  Martha Stewart Living Magazine
        • Sat.: 2 Pull Ups from Costco
        What freebies did you get this week?  Share with us and if they are still available feel free to share the link.I get almost all my freebies from Freebies 4 Mom

        Enjoy the Freebies!!!

        Friday, May 14, 2010

        Udder Covers Giveaway at Bargain Divas

        Update: The Giveaway is over now!!  The winner was announced at Bargain Divas

        I love these nursing covers.  They are so pretty and very nice.  Bargain Divas is having a giveaway.  Go HERE to enter.
        It ends at 2PM MDT.

        Thursday, May 13, 2010

        Parenting Tips of the Day

        Here are three tips I would like to share.  Please do share your tips by commenting on this post. 
        • Cool Bandages: Save some money and get plain colored bandages.  Have your kids draw their own design on them and . . . you got cool looking bandages.  It will help distract them from their boo boos.  :o)
        • Crayons on the Go: Some restaurants do offer 3 free crayons for kids to color while they dine but not all do.  Carry some crayons inside a travel soap dish.  Keep it in your bag or diaper bag for easy access.  
        • Play Doh fun:  Use a cookie tray for kids to build their projects on.  The high edges will keep it from falling on the ground. 
        Got any tips you would like to share?  I would love to read them.  Please comment on this post your tried tips that worked for you.

        Have a great Thrusday!!

        Monday, May 10, 2010

        Vote for Rafi's Photo on Parents Magazine website

        Rafi's Photo was selected to Participate in the Parents Magazine Cover baby contest 2010.  If he wins one of the daily votes then he will be a finalist and could end up in the cover of Parents Magazine.
        Please vote for his photo daily and forward the info to everyone you know.  This would be an awesome opportunity.  Voting ends May 16th.   
        If you have trouble accessing the photo please email me so I can update the link.


        Savings for the week May 2nd to May 8th 2010

        I didn't get much this week, really!!  Here is the breakdown of where I went and what I got plus my savings and out of pocket expense.
        • CVS Pharmacy:  They had on sale their Citrus Mouth Wash small for 0.99cents plus a store coupon for $1 off so I got two for Free after the coupon.  They also had the Dawn Hand Renewal dishwashing liquid for 0.97 cents.  I got a $1 off coupon from the Home Made Simple mailer (request yours!!) .  I ended up getting one for Free after the coupon.  They are running a special this month on Stayfree Pads and Carefree Liners.  I got Stayfree for $3.89 on sale and got $2 ECB back plus I used a $2 off coupon and ended up paying under $2 for it.  I got two of these deals.  The limit is 5 per household with your CVS ExtraCare Card.  I also did their Nivea Body Wash deal.  I got 4 at $4.88 each and used 3 coupons for $4 off each and one for the Men's Body wash of $3 off.  I paid $4.52 and got $5 ECB back plus I had some ECB from previous visits so I ended up getting the Body Washes for Free.  At the end, after my visits, I Saved $35.66 according to the receipt.  I spent out of pocket $5.03
        • Target: At Target this week I got a Kodak Picture DVD for $14.99 and got one Free.  I tried to use the Kodak coupon to get them both Free for this deal but Target would not honor both the sale and the coupon in one transaction.  Oh well!  Still a good deal.  I also got a Free Nivea Body Wash after $4 off coupon, Free Motrin PM after $3 off coupon stacked with a Target $1 off coupon, Free Vaseline lotion after stacking coupons, Starbuck instant coffee 3 pack for $1.50 after stacking coupons, SoBe zero Calorie water for 0.50 cents each after B1G1 coupon, and Free Armor All Car cleaner and Wheel Protectant after coupons and Mail in Rebate.  I saved, according to the receipts, $70.36 and spent $19.45.
        • Walgreens: I only got a few things at Walgreens plus a Free 8x10 Collage Photo.  I saved $16.94 and spent $5.54.
        • Publix: My best buy at Publix was the chicken breasts which were $1.99/lb. Also their Mojo Rotis Chicken was on sale for $4.99 so I got two, took the meat off the bones, and froze it so we can have yummy chicken for the next couple of weeks.  I also used my Nabisco Free cookies coupon I got from Facebook on the first Monday of every month.  I also got some of the new Mt Dew flavors which are on sale $1 each plus they have a $1 off 2 coupon so I got those for 50 cents each!  My favorite so far is Typhoon.  You can get them, try them, and vote online for your favorite flavor.  The winner flavor will be added to their Mt Dew line.  After coupons and sales, I saved $52.43 and spent $38.50
        • BJ's: I only got a can of Mix nuts at BJ's and used a $1 off coupon.  Savings of $1 and spent $9.89.  
        I am looking forward to a better week this week.  My goal is to try and be better each week than the previous week.  :o)

        Happy Savings!!

        Sunday, May 9, 2010

        Mothering Magazine - Free Digital Subscription

        Use coupon code CDIGM and receive a Free Digital Subscription to Mothering Magazine.  It is a bimonthly magazine so you get 6 free issues.

        Thanks Money Saving Mom and My Litter.     

        20 Free Birth Announcements from Kodak Gallery (pay s&h)

        Thanks to Freebies 4 Mom and Bucktown Bargains for this deal.
        Kodak is offering 20 Free Birth Announcements.  They are flat 5x7 photo cards.  All you pay is shipping of $2.89.  They include envelopes and you can customize them.  You have 10 designs to choose from.  Go to Kodak and follow the instructions.  If you are new to Kodak Gallery, you can sign up and receive 50 FREE 4x6 prints. 

        Friday, May 7, 2010

        Free Ovulation and Pregnancy Tests from Sacred Heart Mission

        If you know someone who is trying to get pregnant, Sacred Heart Mission is giving away any combination of a total of 10 either pregnancy tests or ovulation tests.  All you have to do is fill out the form and they will mail them to you Free of charge.  They are experiencing a delay due to the high demand but you should receive yours in a timely manner.   

        Go HERE and request your tests or send this to a friend who might be needing these.  I have PCOS and the Ovulation tests are very helpful for me.

        Thanks goes to Our New Life for this post.   This link if for her Facebook page.  Her blog link is HERE.

        Parent Tips of the Day

        Better late than never. . .  Sorry these are late, but here are a few parent tips of the Day.
        • Spices: Recycle baby food jars by using them to store spices and herbs in the kitchen, or paper clips on your desk.
        • Sharpen both ends of crayons.  Not all toddlers understand yet which way to pick up their crayons and which end to use.  This tip makes it easier on them and less frustrating.
        • After your child outgrows his or her favorite shirt, you can sew the sleeves and neck openings, stuffing it, and then sew the bottom of it.  This way you turn it into a pillow and your child can keep using their favorite shirt for years to come.
        If you have any tips please feel free to comment and add them.  We can all learn from each other when it comes to parenting.

        Have a Happy Mother's Day!!

        Do's and Don'ts of Potty Training

        We are starting Potty Training real soon.  We actually already started but we are taking it a bit slow because we still have diapers to use and I want to switch him to Training Pants once we start Potty Training full force!
        I got some Potty Training Tips from Parents Magazine, August 2009 Edition and from What to Expect: The Toddler Years.
        First, here are the signs that your child is ready for Potty Training:
        1. Can easily take off all clothes.
        2. Asks to get diaper changed.
        3. Follows you into the bathroom, asks questions, and imitates you.
        4. Knows the body parts and words "pee" or "poop".
        5. Understands what the words on sign no. 4 mean, where they come from, and where they belong.
        6. Shows interest in books and videos about using the potty.
        7. Stays dry for at least two hours in a row, is dry after naps, and is "poop" free overnight.
        8. Normally stops activity when needs to "poop".
        9. Has one or two formed stools a day (not constipated).
        Check out for additional Potty Training Tips and Tricks.

        After I read the above signs, most of these honestly sounded like they were too complicated for a toddler but I am known for underestimating how much a toddler actually knows and understands (I am a first time parent!!).  The signs I noticed on our son were no. 3, 6, 7, 8, and 9

        Some other things to consider:
        • I was advised to use a toilet trainer rather than a potty seat.  You skip the step of having to train your child to use the "big" potty if you start with it.  Plus having to clean the baby potty seat . . . Yucky! 
        • I was also advised to take two days and stay at home.  Take him to the potty every half hour and by the end of the two days he will know how to use the potty.  
        • Be patient and expect plenty of accidents!  It typically takes anywhere from 4 to 6 months for a child to achieve Potty independence. 
        • Give them plenty of praise, cheers, and applause with every success.
        • Use a Chart and have your child place stickers on it for every success or give them a different form of reward for every success.  Some sample rewards from Pull-Ups HERE and Dora Progress Chart from Easy-Ups HERE and an Award Certificate HERE.  You can also order a Potty Training Kit from Easy Ups HERE which includes samples, coupons, a progress chart, stickers, and a Trophy.  We got it in the mail and LOVE it! 
        • Get a box, put it next to the potty, and fill it with toddler potty books.  I ordered The Potty Book for Boys from Amazon and we love it.  It is so cute and it tells a story that Rafi could relate to.  Other books I am planning on getting are A Potty for Me and Dora's Potty Book.  If you have a Barnes and Noble Membership card you get Free shipping (No Minimum Purchase required!).   Plus you also get cash back thru 
        • Stick to Training Pants!!  Do not mix diapers and training pants as it will confuse your child.  
        Some of these might be repeats, but these are the Do's of Toddler Toilet Learning from What to Expect: The Toddler Years book:
        1. Do switch from Diapers to Training Pants
        2. Do bare your child's bottom once in a while (if temperature permits! and if there is an area in your home that is completely washable!).
        3. Do make the bottom easily accessible when not bare.  Dress your toddler with easy off, elastic waist pants that can be pulled down in a flash.
        4. Do watch your toddler closely for signs that tell you he or she needs to go!
        5. Do watch the clock closely.  Most children, like adults, have a potty pattern (urinate on waking, or have a bowel movement after a feeding).
        6. Do let your child come and go as he or she pleases.  Resistance and Rebellion to the potty grow from feeling prisoner of the potty.  
        7. Do have your toddler take turns with a drink and wet doll.  At this age, going to the potty is more fun when you go with a friend.
        8. Do try a trickle to start the flow.  The old turn on the bathroom faucet while your child sits on the potty is a good one.
        9. Do appreciate your child's reporting after the fact as a step in the right direction.
        10. Do be an enthusiastic audience.
        11. Do spark motivation.  
        12. Do have your toddler check for dryness.  Praise dry pants but do not criticize wet ones.
        13. Do be patient with relapses.
        14. Do teach about hygiene.
        15. Do be sensitive to your child's feelings and needs.
        Now the Don'ts of Toddler Toilet Learning:
        1. Don't expect too much too soon.
        2. Don't punish or shame.
        3. Don't deny drinks or use unnatural means to get desired ends.
        4. Don't be a broken record.  No nagging.  
        5. Don't force the issue.
        6. Don't turn toilet learning into a moral issue.  There is no good or bad when it comes to toilet learning.
        7. Don't discuss progress (or lack of it) with your spouse in front of your toddler.  
        8. Don't take slow progress personally.
        9. Don't make the bathroom a battleground.  If you meet with total resistance then your toddler is not ready yet.  Postpone it for now.
        10. Don't give up hope!!
        I know this is a lot to take in, but I found all these tips very helpful.  We will be starting potty training soon full force (we started with going "poop" on the potty first and now think we are ready for going "pee" in the potty).  I will post updates and what worked for us as we progress. 

        Thanks for reading.  Make sure and post comments on what worked for your children.  This will be such a huge help and blessing to me and my other readers. 

        Happy Mother's Day!!


        Wednesday, May 5, 2010

        Birthday Freebies

        Make sure and check out Freebies 4 Mom this week.  She is posting some awesome Freebies you can score on your birthday.  Her birthday is today and my birthday is this Friday so I am excited and looking forward to some freebies like a Starbucks drink of my choice, a coffee from Dunkin Donuts, a coffee from Borders Bookstore, ice cream from Marble Slab and from Cold Stone, and more.

        Check out Freebies 4 Mom for more details and a list of her birthday freebies for people of all ages.


        Starbucks Half Price Frappuccinos


        Between May 7 and May 16, enjoy a half-price Frappuccino blended beverage at participating Starbucks in the afternoon – 3 to 5 p.m.

        You can even sign up for daily text message reminders at their site HERE 

        I plan on going and getting some Frappuccinos.  Are you??

        Enjoy the savings!!

        Mother's Day Giveaway Winner Announcement

        And the winner is . . .

        Commenter number 4:  Natalia
        I sent you an email with info on how to redeem your prize.  Please respond within 72 hours.

        Congrats and thank you all who participated.
        Spread the word, let everyone on your contact list know to come check out my blog.

        More exciting things to come!!

        Thanks again!!


        Tuesday, May 4, 2010

        Mother's Day Gift from Udder Covers (pay only S&H)

        Thanks goes to Bargain Divas for this awesome deal. 

        This will make an excellent gift for any expecting mother.  Or you can get one for yourself!!
        I have one and LOVE it!!
        Below is the photo of the style I got.

        Click HERE to go to their store.  Then at checkout enter promo code MOTHER

        Happy Shopping!
        Happy Mother's Day!!

        Monday, May 3, 2010

        Menu Plan Mondays

        I planned our menu for this week.  It is short because my in laws are visiting to spend Mother's Day with us. 
        • Monday - Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts with Mojo marinade from Publix, veggies, rice, and beans
        • Tuesday - Taco Night
        • Wednesday - Leftover Publix Rotisserie Chicken with Sweet Mashed Potatoes
        • Thursday - Pizza Night
        • Friday - Dinner with my in laws
        • Saturday - Dinner with my in laws
        • Sunday - any leftovers from Friday and Saturday
        I will try to be better at keep posting my Menu Plan Mondays.
        You can see other Menus from other bloggers at I'm an Organizing Junkie

        Enjoy your week!
        Happy Mother's Day to all!! 

        Sunday, May 2, 2010

        Home Garden Update

        Yesterday, I transplanted three new plants I planted indoors at the end of March 2010.   See post on those plants here.  I took photos of the Tomato and Green Pepper plants I planted at the end of February and they are looking so big.  See my Onion, Tomato and Green Pepper plants below. 

        I planted new Chamomile, Forget Me Not, and Cilantro plants (these are the empty pots you see in the 1st photo).  I will post an update once they start showing some life.
        See photos below for Rosemary and Basil plants.

        I am so excited about this Garden.  I am praying it all goes well.  I am especially looking forward to the Rosemary plant as I can use the branches as skewers and make nice yummy Chicken skewers with Rosemary.  :o)

        Saturday, May 1, 2010

        Mother's Day Giveaway

        To celebrate Mother's Day this week I decided to offer a Giveaway.  This is a Full Size Anew Crow Feets Corrector.  You can read reviews for this product here  .
        I personally have not used it yet, but those who have used it Love it.
        I do use Anew Reversalist and love it.  I know people who have been using Anew Ultimate for years and you can't even tell they are as old as they really are.  The products are amazing and at an amazing price.
        I am very happy to be able to offer this giveaway this week in honor of Mother's Day.  I love my mom so much and want to dedicate this giveaway to her.  :o)
        Here is how you can enter this giveaway:
        1. Visit Avon Store and leave a Comment stating which is your favorite Anew product or products (this is mandatory!).
        2. Follow my blog and leave a comment stating you are a follower.  If you are already a follower just leave a comment letting me know.
        3. Follow me on Twitter .  Leave a comment and let me know you are a follower. If you are already a follower just leave a comment letting me know.
        4. Post this giveaway on your blog or Facebook page.  Leave a comment with the link to your blog and let me know you posted it on your blog and/or Facebook page. 
        5. Sign up for my email updates thru feedburner.  Leave a comment stating you subscribed.  If you are already a subscriber just leave a comment to let me know.
        6. Sign up for my RSS feed.  Leave a comment stating you subscribed.  If you are already a subscriber just leave a comment to let me know.
        The Giveaway is open to anyone in the United States and it ends on Tuesday May 4th at 8AM EST.  The winner will be chosen thru and will be announced on my blog on Wednesday May 5th.  An email will be sent to the winner (if an email is provided).  The winner has 72 hours to claim the prize or a new winner will be chosen.

        If you are interested in a Free Anew Sample, feel free to email me and let me know which product you would like to try.  I will be happy to order you a free sample and mail it to you if Avon has that product available as a sample.

        Thanks for reading and good luck to all the participants.

        Happy Mother's Day!!

        Savings for this week April 25th to May 1st 2010

         This week I got a few freebies on my mailbox.  I got a sample of Purex 3 in 1, got two rebates I had submitted at the end of March ($5 from SC Johnson and $5 from Band Aid for Princess and the Frog), got my Flipbook from Snapfish which turned out great, got my 3 Mother's Day Cards from Shutterfly which also turned out great, I got a Wink Photostrip from Shutterfly which I am turning into a bookmark by laminating it, I tried the Pretzel M&M's last night and were Awesome!!. . . .  It was an exciting week at our mailbox to say the least.
        I also had a good spending week.  I stayed below budget which is awesome.  I never kept a budget before.  My husband and I both worked and made enough that we didn't worry about it too much before.  Once our son was born, I resigned so I could stay home with him and so our home income was downsized by 50% which meant we HAD to stick to a budget so I have learned over the last year and a half to stay in it.  Now I want to stay below it so this is the first week I was able to stay well below it!!  Woohoo!!
        So here are my shopping trips for the week:
        • Target:  Thanks always goes to Totally Target for all the awesome deals she posts on her site.  They help out A LOT!!  If you have not checked out her site, please do.  You will be so glad you did.  Rafi will be Potty Training soon so I got plenty of Pampers Easy Ups and earned a $5 Gift Card, I also got Vitamin Water for 0.50 cents a bottle using a B1G1 coupon, I got Tropicana OJ for $1.99 using a $1 off coupon, some sweet potato fries from Alexia for $1.25 each after coupon, a free pack of Carefree liners after coupon, Motrin PM for 0.99 cents after $3 off coupon (it should have been Free but the cashier gave me a hard time about using the Target $1 off coupon cause it was 1 cent over the actual price.  They are supposed to change the value of the coupon down but she said they don't do it anymore.), Palmolive Clear for 0.77 cents after coupon, and a Benadryl Stick and Visine contacts drops for 0.81 cents both after $5 off coupon on 2 products.  After coupons and savings, I spent out of pocket $21.46 and saved $37.73 including a $5 gift card I used which I earned on a previous purchase.  I could have gotten the Motrin PM for Free but the cashier gave me a hard time so I paid 0.99 cents for it.  It was still an excellent deal and we will use it.
        • CVS: This week CVS had some good deals, not many but some.  I made a few trips and got two 2oz CVS SPF 30 sunscreen which earned me $5 ECB, 2 Softsoap Body Wash in Coconut (I Love anything Coconut!!) and earned $4 ECB, 1 Pampers Easy Up and earned $1 ECB, and 1 Schick Quattro refill cartridges and earned $4 ECB.  With ECB, coupons, and sales I saved a total of $35 and spent out of pocket $4.53.
        • Babies R Us: Since I didn't have too many grocery items to get this week I decided to take Rafi to Babies R Us and get him some 6in Play Balls with Disney Characters in it.  They were on sale B1G1 and I had a 20% off coupon.  I saved $5.99 and spent $4.32.  
        • BJ's: We have a BJ's membership and I go there to get paper products and Meat.  I can get meat once a month or so and separate it with a vacuum sealer and saved it in the freezer.  It works great and I always get excellent cuts of meat.  This week I spent $23.94 and saved $2 from a coupon
        • Publix: I have some $5 off a $20 purchase from Save a Lot I got thru my entertainment book so I am super excited that I get to use them at Publix.  I got a few Free reusable bags at Publix when I bought light bulbs and used both a Manufacturer and a Publix coupon.  I paid $1.99 for a pack of 2 Energy Saving light bulbs.  I was happy!!  I got 3 packages and got 3 free bags.  I love Publix reusable bags.  Another great deal I got was on the Angus Beef Franks from Oscar Mayer.  I used a $1 manufacturer and a $1 Publix coupon and got each package for 0.99 cents.  The last awesome deal I got was on Friday when I got two DiGiorno Pizza and Breadsticks packs for $2 each after a 2/$10 sale and a $3 off coupon.  It was a good week.  I saved a total of $37.43 and spent $21.75.  Thank you I Heart Publix.
        • Walgreens: I made a few trips to Walgreens as well.  I got a Schick Quattro Razor and earned $3 RR, 2 Stayfree packages and earned $3 RR for each, 2 packets of Plackers flossers and earned $2 RR for each, Shaving Cream and earned $3 RR, Sudafed and Tylenol and earned $5 RR.  I got some Crunch bars, a Sweet Tarts roll, and a Baby Ruth as filler items (yum!!).  After coupons, sales, and RR, I spent $7.99 and saved a total of $48.59
        I am looking forward to an awesome May!!

        Happy Savings!!