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Friday, May 28, 2010

Parent Tips of the Day

Here are today's tips.  Most of the tips I post I get from Parents magazine or from other parents who have shared with me. 
  • Cure Binkie attachment:  So that your child can keep his or her binkies and keep them off their mouth, you can go to Build a Bear Workshop and get them a stuffed animal.  Before they sew it together, place one binkie on each of the paws.  This way your child will keep the binkies with him or her at all times but not in their mouth!!  
  • Home made hair detangler:  In a spray bottle, mix a little conditioner with water.  You can use this as a hair detangler and save some money. 
  • Make Memory games shorter:  Divide a Memory Game into several plastic bags to make the game shorter for little active toddlers.  I know this will be a great help in our house.  Rafi is a super active boy!!
Feel free to share your own tips with us by leaving comments on this post.

Enjoy and have a Great Memorial Day weekend!!

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