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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Savings for this week April 25th to May 1st 2010

 This week I got a few freebies on my mailbox.  I got a sample of Purex 3 in 1, got two rebates I had submitted at the end of March ($5 from SC Johnson and $5 from Band Aid for Princess and the Frog), got my Flipbook from Snapfish which turned out great, got my 3 Mother's Day Cards from Shutterfly which also turned out great, I got a Wink Photostrip from Shutterfly which I am turning into a bookmark by laminating it, I tried the Pretzel M&M's last night and were Awesome!!. . . .  It was an exciting week at our mailbox to say the least.
I also had a good spending week.  I stayed below budget which is awesome.  I never kept a budget before.  My husband and I both worked and made enough that we didn't worry about it too much before.  Once our son was born, I resigned so I could stay home with him and so our home income was downsized by 50% which meant we HAD to stick to a budget so I have learned over the last year and a half to stay in it.  Now I want to stay below it so this is the first week I was able to stay well below it!!  Woohoo!!
So here are my shopping trips for the week:
  • Target:  Thanks always goes to Totally Target for all the awesome deals she posts on her site.  They help out A LOT!!  If you have not checked out her site, please do.  You will be so glad you did.  Rafi will be Potty Training soon so I got plenty of Pampers Easy Ups and earned a $5 Gift Card, I also got Vitamin Water for 0.50 cents a bottle using a B1G1 coupon, I got Tropicana OJ for $1.99 using a $1 off coupon, some sweet potato fries from Alexia for $1.25 each after coupon, a free pack of Carefree liners after coupon, Motrin PM for 0.99 cents after $3 off coupon (it should have been Free but the cashier gave me a hard time about using the Target $1 off coupon cause it was 1 cent over the actual price.  They are supposed to change the value of the coupon down but she said they don't do it anymore.), Palmolive Clear for 0.77 cents after coupon, and a Benadryl Stick and Visine contacts drops for 0.81 cents both after $5 off coupon on 2 products.  After coupons and savings, I spent out of pocket $21.46 and saved $37.73 including a $5 gift card I used which I earned on a previous purchase.  I could have gotten the Motrin PM for Free but the cashier gave me a hard time so I paid 0.99 cents for it.  It was still an excellent deal and we will use it.
  • CVS: This week CVS had some good deals, not many but some.  I made a few trips and got two 2oz CVS SPF 30 sunscreen which earned me $5 ECB, 2 Softsoap Body Wash in Coconut (I Love anything Coconut!!) and earned $4 ECB, 1 Pampers Easy Up and earned $1 ECB, and 1 Schick Quattro refill cartridges and earned $4 ECB.  With ECB, coupons, and sales I saved a total of $35 and spent out of pocket $4.53.
  • Babies R Us: Since I didn't have too many grocery items to get this week I decided to take Rafi to Babies R Us and get him some 6in Play Balls with Disney Characters in it.  They were on sale B1G1 and I had a 20% off coupon.  I saved $5.99 and spent $4.32.  
  • BJ's: We have a BJ's membership and I go there to get paper products and Meat.  I can get meat once a month or so and separate it with a vacuum sealer and saved it in the freezer.  It works great and I always get excellent cuts of meat.  This week I spent $23.94 and saved $2 from a coupon
  • Publix: I have some $5 off a $20 purchase from Save a Lot I got thru my entertainment book so I am super excited that I get to use them at Publix.  I got a few Free reusable bags at Publix when I bought light bulbs and used both a Manufacturer and a Publix coupon.  I paid $1.99 for a pack of 2 Energy Saving light bulbs.  I was happy!!  I got 3 packages and got 3 free bags.  I love Publix reusable bags.  Another great deal I got was on the Angus Beef Franks from Oscar Mayer.  I used a $1 manufacturer and a $1 Publix coupon and got each package for 0.99 cents.  The last awesome deal I got was on Friday when I got two DiGiorno Pizza and Breadsticks packs for $2 each after a 2/$10 sale and a $3 off coupon.  It was a good week.  I saved a total of $37.43 and spent $21.75.  Thank you I Heart Publix.
  • Walgreens: I made a few trips to Walgreens as well.  I got a Schick Quattro Razor and earned $3 RR, 2 Stayfree packages and earned $3 RR for each, 2 packets of Plackers flossers and earned $2 RR for each, Shaving Cream and earned $3 RR, Sudafed and Tylenol and earned $5 RR.  I got some Crunch bars, a Sweet Tarts roll, and a Baby Ruth as filler items (yum!!).  After coupons, sales, and RR, I spent $7.99 and saved a total of $48.59
I am looking forward to an awesome May!!

Happy Savings!!

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