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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Savings for week April 11th to 17th 2010

This week was an awesome week.  We didn't need much groceries so I did stock up on toiletries that we will need soon or could use in the near future.  I planned ahead, as usual, and went to Target, Walgreens, CVS, and Publix.  I got some Paper Towels and deodorant at BJ's too.
Here is the breakdown of my savings:
  • Target: My hubby needed some razor blades so instead I got him 2 Gillette Fusion razors that were on sale plus when I got 2 I got a $5 Gift Card back.  I also had 2- $4 off coupons so the razors with an extra cartridge were very nicely priced.  I also got two bottles of Vitamin water plus used a coupon for $1 off 2 bottles.  Then I realized we needed lemon juice for a recipe and we ran out of OJ so I headed back to Target and got those.  The OJ I had a B1G1 free coupon plus a $1 off 2 coupons.  I paid $1.99 for a full gallon of OJ Tropicana Brand!  Woohoo!!  Our son needed some vitamins so I got Target Brand Infant Drop vitamins for 5.99 after the 5 cent discount for bringing my reusable bag. After coupons and Gift Cards I had from previous visits, my total out of pocket was $7.22.  Total savings according to the receipt was $18.44.  Thanks goes to Totally Target for the post on the awesome deals. I also got on Friday a pair of Spiderman shoes for my son.  On clearance they were $4.24. 
  • Publix: I got a few things at Publix.  I got some disposable razors (.99 cents for a pack of 2 plus used $3 off coupon, can you say money maker?!!), some salad, a FREE bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles Sprayer plus a FREE Refill (after coupons), Deli meat and cheese, Special K Granola, Milk, egg beaters, and Green onions.  I went back on Thursday and got two Glade candles and a gallon of Fat Free milk.   After coupons and special savings I spent out of pocket $28.51.  The total savings according to the receipt was $42.29.  Thank you I Heart Publix.
  • Walgreens: I made several trips to Walgreens this week so I could use the Register Rewards (RR's) from my first trip.  In every trip I kept earning more RR's.  I think I saved the most at Walgreens.  I did end up getting tons of cans of Arizona Iced Tea but at .59cents each plus being able to use the RR's they were also FREE.  After adding up all my trips, I spent out of pocket $25.30 and according to the receipt saved $93.91.  I could have saved even more had it not been for a small mistake I made.  When you shop at Walgreens using coupons you have to make sure you have the same number products as you do coupons (more products is probably best to make sure!).  In one trip I failed to do this so I could not used my RR's.  At least I learned from my mistake.   Needless to say we will not need any toiletries for a long time!!  LOL!!  Thank you Couponing to Disney and Southern Savers.
  • CVS:  They had an awesome coupon when you scanned your CVS Extra Care card.  $1 off 2 CVS brand paper products.  They had on sale the single rolls of Toilet paper at 2/$1 so I got FREE toilet paper in every trip (Thanks Couponing to Disney).  They have something similar to Walgreen's RR's.  CVS's are called Extra Bucks (EB's).  I earned some and then made another trip and used them.  I repeated the process all week.  I also have a Green Bag Tag which is scanned every day I go to CVS.  I get 1 point toward earning an EB.  You earn an EB after you visit CVS 4 days.  After adding all my trips I spent out of pocket $14.28 and according to the receipt saved $48.50.  Thank you Couponing to Disney and Southern Savers.  

Happy Saving!!

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  1. Good job! Those are my favorite places to shop too. Here is how I did this week: