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Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Sandal Season . . . lets show off our healthy looking feet

Winter is over, which means it is time to wear our cool looking sandals.  In FL, sandal season lasts a long time which is why it is important to keep our feet looking healthy.  Here I provide a few easy steps on how to do an at home pedicure to help keep your feet looking beautiful and healthy.

  1. Remove all nail polish using non acetone nail polish remover.  I recommend non acetone as it is gentle on your nails and toes.
  2. Soak your feet in a bath tub or bucket with warm water and a foot soak.  Foot soak are great at moisturizing your feet and help soften dead skin cells which prepares feet for exfoliation.  
  3. Exfoliate your feet to remove all dead skin cells.  Massage each foot for a minute or two with a quarter size blob of foot scrub using circular motions.  Work from your heel to your toes.  Rinse off with warm water.    
  4. Use a Pumice stone to smooth down calluses.  Wet the pumice and coat it with a little body wash.  Use a back and forth motion and be GENTLE!!  
  5.  Coat your feet with a foot mask and cover with a warm towel.  Follow instructions on the mask as to how long to keep the mask on prior to rinsing it off (usually 5 to 10 minutes).  The mask will keep feet moisturized and give a nice fresh feeling to your feet.
  6. Trim and file your toe nails.  Trim them straight across and smooth the edges with a nail file.  A slight rounded shape helps prevent ingrown nails.
  7. Moisturize and massage your feet.  Use a lotion especially formulated for feet as it has extra moisturizer to prevent dry rough spots and future callouses.  Using a circular motion, massage a quarter size dollop of cream to your feet and lower legs. Then, with the knuckle of your index finger, press down gently into the arch of one foot and knead; repeat on the other foot. The mini massage will relax your feet while boosting circulation, which reduces swelling. 
  8. Wipe off excess lotion off your toe nails by using non acetone nail polish remover.  Use a foam toe separator or a rolled up paper towel.  Apply a clear base coat to each nail.  Next, apply a coat of color and once you are done with all 10 nails apply a second coat to seal in color and prevent chipping.  Apply a top coat to seal.  
  9. When your nails are just about dry, massage in a few drops of cuticle oil.  It will pump up shine and creates a barrier to protect against smudges.
You are all set and ready to show off some beautiful and healthy looking feet.


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