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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Savings for the week - June 13th to 19th

This week I had some great shopping trips to Kohl's.  I got some $10 off a $20 purchase to Kohl's from the Newspaper so I went and got Father's Day present for my husband, some Birthday presents for my son and nephew, and a  Welcome present for my nephew who I will get to meet for the first time in about a week.  :o)
I also had a great trip to Target where I got some Frosted Mini Wheats Bite Size for my son (who LOVES these now!).  I also got him a Toy Story 3 toy for his birthday with a coupon.  My trips to Walgreens and CVS were also great.  Here is the breakdown.
  • Kohl's : I did multiple trips to Kohl's so I could use all the coupons I had.  My total savings was $169.82 and spent $59.89.  I got a water sprinkler and a soccer ball for my son, two bathing suit tops for me, and 2 packs of socks and a polo for my husband plus the three toys I got for my nephew.  Not bad for all those things!!
  • CVS : I got some boxes of chocolate that were buy one get one for 1 cent, Old Spice Body Washes, Shick Hydro blades, Gillette Fusion ProGlide, and EPT test.  I saved $120.98 and spent $29.17.  I am also sending for a free gift when I purchased the EPT test.  I should get it in the mail later.  I also earned a ton of Extra Care Bucks.
  • Walgreens : I got some Nivea Body Wash for Men, Reach toothbrushes, Stickers for my son's Potty Training Chart, and a Hydro Shick Razor which I will send in for a Full Rebate.  Total savings was $39.50 and total spending was $14.70.  I also earned a ton of Register Rewards. 
  • Target : I got some groceries, a Toy Story 3 toy for my son's birthday, and Listerine.  I saved $38.69 and spent $21.66.
  • BJ's : I got some groceries.  I spent $37.64 and saved $8.50.

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