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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Parents Tips of the Day - June 10th

Here are the tips for this week:
  • Control Odor : Use a dryer sheet inside your diaper pail to control odor.
  • Encourage Kids to drink more H2O : Make it fun by using a plastic wine glass, a fun straw, and decorate the rim with a slice of fruit or even a drink umbrella.
  • Potty Training Tip : Before you start potty training, make a chart and record what you find in your baby's diaper every hour.  Do it every day for about two weeks.  This will help determine your baby's "going" pattern and will help make potty training a bit easier.
Remember, most of the tips I get from Parents magazine.  They have a section called It Worked for Me and in it they list a few tips in every issue.  I also post some other tips I find helpful from other mom's or other articles I read.
As always, feel free to share any tips of your own by leaving a comment.  Us mom's can help each other out.  Every tip is helpful!!


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