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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Home Garden Update

Here are photos of the Home Garden.  I moved most of the plants to bigger pots so they have more room to grow.
The Tomato Plant is doing OK, but it looks like the leaves are getting sick or a bug is eating them so my husband gave it some bug killer.  Unfortunately this means my tomatoes will no longer be organic so I need to plant a new one and look for Organic solutions so I can keep the bugs off my plant.
The Pepper Plant is doing awesome.  It still has no peppers but it does have flowers so soon we should have peppers!!  I use them to make Sofrito and for Fajitas, Pizza, etc.  Yum!!

The Basil and Cilantro plants are also growing great.  The Basil smells great and is ready to pick.  The cilantro is ready to pick too but I was reading that if I dry it then it loses the flavor so I need to pick it when I need to use it right away.

The Onion plant is the only one that is not doing so great.  I am not sure if it is growing at all.  I will have to read up on it and take a look.  I moved it to a smaller plant to see if that will help it.

 The Picture below shows (Left to Right) the Forget Me Not, Chamomile, Rosemary, and Cilantro plants.

Stay Tuned for more photos of my Home Garden.  Hopefully soon we will have Peppers and Tomatoes so I can show pictures of the actual veggies.  I am thinking about planting a Strawberry Plant too.  We shall see!! 

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