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Friday, June 4, 2010

Parent Tips of the Day - June 3rd

Here are three tips for this week.
  • Eliminate Twin Fighting : On a calendar, designate dates for each twin.  On their day, they get to make decisions like which movie to watch or game to play or book to read, etc.  This will help ease the fighting among siblings.  I am sure it will also work for non twin siblings.
  • Photo Grocery List : I thought this one is fun when I read it the first time.  Use photo clip art to make your child their own grocery shopping list.  It will teach them plus it will make them feel like they are helping out. 
  • Recycle Restaurant Kid's Drink Cups : Use them to hold snacks in the car.  The cups fit nicely in car cup holders.
Stay tunes for more exciting tips and feel free to share other tips in the comments section.

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