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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Not a Diet, but a New Way of Life

Most of you know that I was diagnosed with PCOS while I was trying to conceive Rafi.  A part of PCOS is hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance.  I am currently taking medication for the insulin resistance but I have not been eating like I should.  I decided to change that and also add exercise routines to my daily To Do list.  Earlier this week I tried Yoga Meltdown by Jillian Michaels.  It was AWESOME!!!  It was difficult but awesome.  I am still sore from the 30 minute workout!  We have BrightHouse Networks and it is FREE on Exercise TV on Demand.
I have been reading Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels, and starting in August I will be implementing some of her tips and her food choices to my diet.  In her book she mentions the eating changes she advices are very beneficial for people with Thyroid issues, PCOS, and many other health issues.
I will keep you updated on my progress and will share some recipes and menus as I get it all started.  This new eating habit will be very helpful for my hubby who has high triglycerides. I will soon be getting Master Your Metabolism Cookbook so I can do other recipes besides the ones in her Main Book.  If you see it somewhere at a good price let me know!!
Thanks and I will keep everyone updated.  This is necessary changes as we would like to have another baby and with PCOS it is difficult to conceive without some changes to my diet. 
Please pray for us!!

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